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Peterborough Free Methodist Church
Church COVID-19 FAQs

Peterborough Free Methodist Church

Are you new to our church?? Please contact us at the church office 705-745-7585 or by email and we can tell you about our service and ministries at our church.

How to donate: We are set up to receive e-transfers at if you prefer another way to donate please contact our church office by phone or email. 

Registration is not required for our Sunday service.  You will be accommodated in one of our two seating areas, please be patient as we seat all attendees. 

Protocols for Sunday Morning Worship in a COVID-19 Environment.  

You can expect…

  1. to have to have your name and information recorded so that we can keep track of numbers

  2. to wear a mask for the duration of the service so that we can create an environment with the safety of our most vulnerable in mind

  3. that families with children are welcome to attend with us; all children will sit with their family, and be given activity packets

  4. to be assigned your seats by our ushers

  5. that doors will be kept open so that you do not have to touch any handles

  6. an hour-long worship service

  7. that the congregation is able to join in singing, with low volume

  8. worship leaders and some other elements of the service to be shown on-screen for now

  9. to still see a full worship service online if you do not attend in person

  10. that washrooms will be available with self-sanitization instructions

  11. that the Sanctuary will be sanitized after use, and be a safe environment for Sunday morning.

  12. limited use of the nursery room and one classroom downstairs if a parent wishes to take their child out of the worship service.

These are the main protocols to expect.  If you have questions, please email us at