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Peterborough Free Methodist Church

About Us

The Peterborough Free Methodist Church had its beginnings in the fall of 1905 when Rev. H. B. Luck began meetings at 366 Water Street in a building known as the City Mission.  On January 28, 1906, the Peterborough Free Methodist Church was officially formed.  The roots of the Free Methodist Church are in the United States where it began as an abolitionist movement in 1860 at the beginning of the American Civil War.  It came to Canada in the 1880s not for its anti-slavery position but because of its conservative, Bible-based theology.  

Within a short time, the young congregation began to plan for its first building.  In August 1910, a new church at 296 Aylmer St. North was dedicated at a cost of $3,700.  This church, just south of the corner of Charlotte and Aylmer was the home of the congregation from 1910 until February 1985. 

After many years of considering the possibility of relocating from Aylmer Street, the dream became reality in the fall of 1984 when the congregation was given a 1.3 acre site at 450 Lansdowne Street East by Mr. John Boddy, a Toronto developer who had planned a new subdivision for the south-east corner of the city.   

The Lansdowne Street property was deeded to the church in November 1984.  In February 1985 the existing church at 296 Aylmer Street was sold to Mr. Jim Vyn.  From March 1985 to February 1986 worship was held at Rhema Christian School while the new church was under construction.

Construction of the new church began in October 1985 and on March 2, 1986, the first service of worship took place in the new 10,000 square foot church.  Built to seat 200 people, the total cost of construction and furnishings was just under $400,000.  The church was completely paid for in 1991.

In the early 1990s, the growth of the congregation created the need for additional Christian education and office space.  That need resulted in the purchase of the Ministry Centre at 1788 Willowcreek Blvd., the house that was used as the model home for the subdivision.  After the necessary renovations were completed, the Ministry Centre became classroom space for small groups, six offices and a youth room in June 1993.

The Peterborough Free Methodist Church has experienced the blessing of God on its life and ministry as it now numbers 130 families with children’s, youth and adult Christian education ministries for all ages.  It also has a strong commitment to ministry beyond its own walls with financial commitments to organizations within the community and in the developing world.  


If you are a history buff, I hope you enjoy the historical record of the Senior Pastors since inception;


1905 - 1908     H. B. (Henry Thomas Bertrim) Luck

1908 - 1911     Charlotte Babcock

1908 - 1911     Kate F. Clark

1911 - 1914     Charles Cunningham

1914 - 1917     Emerson Snyder

1917 - 1918     B. E. Stevenson

1918 - 1920     E. J. Lee

1920 - 1922     Bessie Reid

1922 - 1923     Walter Wesley Brown

1923 - 1926     Francis A. Daw

1926 - 1929     Frank Loft

1929 - 1931     Roy Chatson

1931 - 1934     Benjamin A. Sutton

1934 - 1935     S. S. Bailey

1935 - 1938     No appointment

1938 - 1940     Wesley Armstrong

1940 - 1944     Bruce E. Dawson

1944 - 1945     Robert L. Casement

1945 - 1947     Clarke W. Reynolds

1947 - 1952     Robert E. Dargan

1952 - 1958     Kenneth B. Bauder

1958 - 1961     Austin J. Thaxter

1961 - 1964     Clinton M. Bright

1964 - 1968     Joseph N. Patterson

1968 - 1976     Kenneth J. Snider

1976 - 1980     J. Mervin Cooke

1980 - 1984     Raymond O. Klatt

1984 - 2016     Lloyd R. Eyre  

2016 -  2016    Victor W. Stonehouse

2016 -               Daniel Graham