Caring, Praying, Responding
Peterborough Free Methodist Church

What We Believe


hh  About Knowing God  hh


  • We believe that the Bible, including the Old and New Testaments, is the primary source for understanding what God wants humanity to know and do.
  • God can (and does) speak to people directly, even today; but we have a significant responsibility to verify that what we hear is consistent with Scripture.  We must be very humble in remembering that inner promptings can easily be our own selfish motives sneaking in.
  • We can learn from the wisdom of other mature Christians passed down to us through traditions and experience.  This is especially effective in a church context where you can know others, and they can know you, over time.  That longevity of Christian relationships helps facilitate learning about God from one another.



hh  About God, Himself  hh


  • We believe in God, as presented to us in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.  Any other assumptions about God must be measured against these Scriptures.
  • The Scripture reveals to us God in three persons; often referred to as a trinity.  God is only one God, but He is also Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  This holds together the two notions that 1) there is only one God, and 2) that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are each, individually, divine persons.  This is the God we know, love, and serve.
  • A few of the many important characteristics of God are: holy, loving, merciful, true, pure, and just.



hh  About Humanity  hh

(Dear reader, we know that this section might sound like an awfully pessimistic view of the human condition; especially in a Canadian society which largely believes that people are born naturally good.  However, if we do not understand the fallen nature of humanity before a Holy God, then we cannot properly understand His love and mercy toward us, which is the real good news!)


  • We believe that God created the world and everything in it, including humanity.
  • God created humans ‘In His Image’.  Among other things, this means that humanity is capable of creativity, relationship, and kindness.  This also means that every human person has inherent dignity, value, and worth.
  • Humanity has rebelled against God and has disobeyed His ethical standards.  We call this sin.  Humanity, and all of creation, is therefore in a state of brokenness; the Image of God is tainted in us.  In fact, all good things that happen in this world are a product of God’s grace working through people; whether they realize it or not!
  • In the Old Testament, we see that God gave His Law to humanity to help them understand sin and its consequences; but humanity proved itself incapable of full obedience to the Law.
  • However, if we do not find a solution to sin, then we will spend eternity in hell, absent from God.



hh  About Salvation  hh


  • We believe that God has provided a way for humanity to be restored out of sin and back into right relationship with Him.  This is good news!... often referred to as ‘the Gospel’.
  • It is important that we always remember that this salvation was initiated by God!  Though we are sinners, He loved the world enough to provide a solution for us.
  • That solution has come at great cost to Himself.  God allowed a part of Himself, Jesus the Son of God, to come into the world and die on the cross.  That death was sufficient to pay for the sins of all humanity!
  • Although salvation is very costly to God, it is free to us!  What is required is genuine remorse for our sins, and a prayer asking God for forgiveness.  And, when we ask for forgiveness, He will give it!



hh  About the Christian Life  hh


  • Those who have put their faith in Jesus are often called Christians.  This is a badge of honour, wear it with joy!
  • As Christians, there are many common priorities and activities we engage in to foster our personal relationship with God…
    • Personal Bible reading and study
    • Personal prayer to strengthen our growing relationship with God.  Prayer can be as simple as reading or memorizing pre-written prayers (like the Lord’s Prayer), and then developing over time into honest words spoken to God, from the heart
    • Gathering for worship services (commonly called ‘going to church’)
    • Participate in informal group study of the Bible
    • Allowing the mercy that God has given us through Jesus in salvation to shine through as we serve the community and one another with good works



hh  About the Free Methodist  hh

Church in Canada


  • Our church is part of the Free Methodist Church in Canada.  Our historical roots are in the Methodist church of England in the 1700’s.  Our heritage is with the holiness movement.
  • As part of the Wesleyan branch of Christian history, we are theologically optimistic – optimistic that God can effect abundant grace into our world through His people!



Thank-you for taking the time to read through these informal statements of faith.  We have prepared them as a simple at-a-glance overview of who we are and what we believe.  If you want to know more, then please follow the links below for further reading.  Or, you may visit us on a Sunday morning – our worship services are open for anyone to attend.  Or, give our church office a call and book a time to meet with Pastor Daniel; he would be glad to give you a tour of the church and answer any questions you might have!


God bless you, and have a great day!

-Pastor Daniel.



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